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Our Facility

The Learning Center​

Our learning center is a place where members can gather to get help on academics.  The center offers “Power Hour” homework help among its programs.  Members can also take advantage of assistance and tutoring to enhance test preparation and encourage the development of study skills.

Arts & Crafts Center​

The Club’s arts and crafts room offers instruction in a wide range of areas.  There is fine art instruction, as well as general craft making, art projects and contests.  Creativity and fun is encouraged when participating in arts and crafts programming.

Game Room​

The game room is a very popular place at the Club. The game room offers a pool table, ping pong, air hockey, bumper pool, foosball and a variety of arcade games. There are instructional classes and tournaments for any and every game and free time to play any game the members choose. There is also an entertainment center with movies and videos for members to enjoy.

Computer Lab​

The computer lab is always busy and the center of attention.  Our lab contains twelve state of the art computer stations.  Members can utilize the computer stations for homework or to play approved computer games.  The computer lab is always staffed by an adult professional to assist and guide members in utilizing and making the most of their time in the computer lab.


Undoubtedly the most popular place in the Club is our gym.  Whether it’s our popular basketball leagues, a mini “Olympic” competition, dodgeball, volleyball or any of a myriad of activities, we keep kids happy and encourage good health through physical fitness in our gym.

Teen Center​

Our members ages 13 to 18 years old have a place to call their own. The teen center is equipped with a home entertainment center, pool table, bumper pool table, computer lab with internet service, and resource materials. Staff members are available to help our teens with school projects, higher education searches and finding out more about career opportunities.

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